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I`ve got two questions which drive me bananes here in the office without the change to get to my car ;-/
a few days ago my chargepipe poped off my throttle body during acceleration. After that I had nearly no power, no push from the turbo...
just had a few minutes to my garage where I fixed it. Afterwards I`m just wondering why there was no Enginelight, even no fault code was found with the AP.
Is this normal? I would expect a "boost under target" error or something like this, but nothing.

with this in mind I come to my second question ;-)
My current setup: 135i AT + DCI + AMS FMIC + Forge DV + Catback Exhaust + OTS Stage1+ Sport LT (no downpipes installed yet)

the car makes the expected power within the first 2-3 gears but at least at the 4th gear the power is a bit lagge before 4000rpm.
The car pulls until 4000rpm but feels a bit held and then after 4000rpm it REALLY makes power... the difference is very noticeable, like changing from 50% throttle to 100%

Still no Error codes.
Sitting here in the office I could imagine so many things but hmmm, what do you think?

- ECU learned bullshit because of the "now fixed" boost leak?
- Boost overshooted and is beeing retarded?
- Timing correction (logged about a month ago without timing corrections in the sports map but this was before FMIC, DCI, Forge DV install)
- Leaking Forge DVs? or maybe laggy DV reaction?
- another boost leak?

had no time and not really dry roads this days for logging ;-/

EDIT: or maybe this is due to the restictive oem downpipes which are still installed ?