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Originally Posted by BanziBarn View Post
Chrisdc144, how bothered are you about performance, or feeling large amounts of shove?

I say that, because out of the 4 cars you mention, I'd say that all apart from the 330i would give you this. I'm not saying the 330i is slow, but it'll be linear and probably not 'feel' that quick.

The turbo cars with their extra torque will provide you more usable shove.

330d - single turbo, more lag but more thump when it comes in. Very economical, low tax.
335d - twin turbo, more linear power delivery so less kick in the back feeling but quicker overall so will still feel fast - fairly economical, quite low tax.
335i - even more linear - but still with good low down shove and the advantage of a wide rev band for that proper petrol head feeling. Obviously not as economical as the diesels and higher on the tax.

When choosing mine I discounted the 330i for the reasons I mentioned. I discounted the 335d because it's not that much quicker below 80mph than a 330d yet more expensive to buy and run.

I discounted the 335i because when I drove it back to back with the 330d it didn't 'feel' quicker than the diesel and I knew that I'd be driving mainly in urban areas where reving to 7k wasn't important. Plus the 335i was more expensive.

So, my advice would be try the 330d and the 335i and choose the one you like most from those two.
+1. Excellent post.

I would also suggest a 335i or 330d (N57).