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Originally Posted by verysideways View Post
You see if i'm looking for a car to put a smile on my face which i won't be driving every day i wouldn't be looking at a diesel (sorry to all the diesel fanboys).

The 330i engine is much more eager and sonorous than the 335i engine (earlier or later) but it's smooth and linear, so whilst it sounds good it doesn't feel particularly fast.
The 335i is fast. Plain and simple. Buckets of torque and it pulls hard, and with a remap pulls even harder.

Go drive both and i think you'll very quickly know if you prefer 7k rpm sweet six noise or the overwhelming torque of two turbos...
There isn't much in the 'sound' between the turbo and NA sixes. I would agree 'much more eager' (comparing the engines in the same platform) and more sonorous but not 'much more sonorous'.

Maybe it's my ears but I thought the N53 sounded pretty good and people often post that it's loads better than the N52. There's a bit in it, but not loads in it!

Although I would say that the N55 sounds a little better than the N54 335i as well.

On the point of eagerness, I wouldn't think there was much, if anything, between a 130i and stock 335i up to 70 or 80 either, and I reckon you'll agree.

In response to the chap above with the LCI 330d, I think you make some good points. The newer '30d is a very rapid car and if I didn't have a fuel card I would have gone for one of those myself over the (automatic only) 335d or 335i.
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