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I grabbed it off of eBay. $90 shipped if you dig around. The writeup is under the site as M5 knob retrofit.

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Where did you get the knob from?

Is there's how to write up on this?
If you don't want it to light up then yes. Buy and push on.

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this is cool hahaha i want it!!! i just need M5 DCT Knob to put on?
Borrow away! Wiring is all about the tools. Pin out tools, good strippers, good iron. It's not too bad

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Looks awesome though!! Would try to do this if I was good with wiring lol. Do you mind if I borrow that pic to post up the ashtray/ cigarette light compartment so I can include it in a FS thread? Have it sitting around might as well sell it ..
eBay is your friend here. Under $100 is you look.

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legit! where'd you get this from. I want to do this on mine now haha