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Originally Posted by nailer335
From someone who has been driving an xi since June of 2008, I click on this thread, excited to read 4 pages of single turbo xi related news.

What I get is an awesome video, one good related question (from jp of course, which he had to repeat to even get an answer between all of the big muscles being flexed) and a bunch of dogs pissing to claim their marketing territory.

Same shit, different outhouse. Classic!

And people... Just a thought... Those who have the disposable income to buy these ST kits are likely very busy and active people who (hopefully) do not hinge their feelings regarding the ST purchase on Internet strangers' subsequent feedback, which wouldn't even be credible feedback for lack of being first-hand.

Now about making up for the couple of minutes lost reading this thread beyond the first post...
Well said nailer

Once I get back to the same state and city as my wonderfully modified Xi we can get some video, vbox times, and anything else the insatiable Internet folks ask for, but until then hopefully we can get Mike B to add some pictures of the install process and keep the info trickling out until I can provide a flood.

It will still take some time to get times, get to a track, and post everything in an intelligible manner between work and life, but I'll do what I can to answer questions as they come
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