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Recommendation for dealer to bring my 335i for wastegate rattle recall?

My 335i has had the wastegate rattle for the last year since I bought it. It's bothering me now more since I park in a parking structure and the rattle is embarassing when i'm driving inside :/

I brought the car to Bullet Motor Works in Costa Mesa for a second opinion and they believe it should qualify for the recall, so now i'm looking for a wastegate rattle friendly dealership to bring the car to.

Shelly BMW is not preferred because they flat out lied to me that my oil pan was "leaking substantially" but it was actually due to an old leakage they never cleaned up when they worked on my oil filter housing gasket.

Sterling BMW once told me they'll cover an air filter change under warranty but then after waiting for 30 min there, they changed their mind and wasted my time.

Crevier BMW can look at the rattle but they'll charge me a $1500 diagnostic fee (apparently they need to remove a few parts around the engine) if BMW NA determines my car doesn't qualify for the replacement.