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Originally Posted by gIzzE View Post
Plus you have the benefit of the newer car, like warranty.
After a year if you want warranty on the 10 plate you are looking at another 60 a month, not something will need to worry about on the 62 plate for 2.5 years.
Completely agree Gizze, there seems no point in paying 28k for a two year old X3 when new ones aren't much more. Same seems to apply to the Audi Q5 and the RR Evoque (three contenders for me). Plus you can spec a new one exactly how you wish. And it's got that lovely new car smell!
BMW X5, however, a well specced two year old M Sport 40d can be had for 38k for a low mileage one; they are 52k new even with a decent discount. So that is more of a temptation. But then you don't get the low cost PCP deal..........