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Originally Posted by Fully_Bolted View Post
Honestly, they are probably still waiting to see a tuning solution... They are interested in big single turbo power.
tuning and fuel delivery is obviously the big issue with these and any of the current DI engines. the fact of the matter is the DI tuning solutions are maturing slowly - the reason is its not simple and not universal. We are working very closely with Ford on the DI ecoboost engines, and have spent the better part of the last 3 months working to modify DI pumps and injectors. the cost and work required is not small... and truthfully its not able to be sold to and installed by average enthusiasts. that said ive become a big fan of custom aluminum intake manifolds with aux port fuel injectors. Initiially i didnt like it but after going through so many options, a simple batch-fire setup controlled by a bare bones and simple fuel only standalone (AEM EMS4 or a split second) is all you need for serious and safe power potential.. controlling the engine with the stock ecu (tuned of course) and additional fueling from the aux injectors. I believe this will be required for these n54/n55 and n20 engines to safely make the power that a proper single kit is capable of. spraying meth can help but its not a refined solution like (6) addl port injectors would be..

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