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What a difference!

I decided after a couple of weeks of thinking about it that it was probably about time I got rid of the annoying Bridgestone RFT's as the rears were down to around 2.5mm and with better weather (hopefully) not too far away I wanted to put some new tyres on the car.

I ended up shelling out on a set of 4 Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta tyres after reading some very positive reports on them.

Now I just need to get the smile off my face. No more tracking every bump and dip in the road, no more cringing every time I hit a small pothole (which is just about every road around here).

Money very well spent I think! I went the long way back to work just so I could be sure it wasn't my imagination tricking me into thinking how good it feels not to be jarring my back every time I hit a tiny pothole! The ride is so much smoother, I'm looking forward to the drive home now!
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