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Originally Posted by diaz92376 View Post
Ill give it another try tomorrow after work and if nothing ill try and ask i mean what do i have to lose. Besides after having the jbd on going back to stock just doesn't cut it.
Yeah, I'm trying to drive without it for my last 3k miles of my warranty in case anything pops up that would be auto learned by the OBD tool, but it is tough to resist the temptation of putting it on
Originally Posted by sohcpunk View Post
Burger should stand by his product even though you are not the initial purchaser. Be very careful testing. Fuel starvation can cause knock and even damage your engine. You say you can see why it's bad for business for him to help but the last thing he would want is a post about his JBD causing engine failure due to poor quality and craftsmanship.
Agreed, but if one continues to plug in a failed unit, it is more of a user error than a product issue. i don't think OP actually asked Burger to repair the unit. He probably informed them of the situation and they, being used to getting "I plugged it in now my car isn't working" emails, used their auto reply of "check the harnesses to ensure the connection is good, etc, etc, etc". This probably resolves 99% of their clients' issues.

If upon inspection the OP does or doesn't see any visible issues with the unit, I'm sure they will be happy to look at it for him if he asks them to (perhaps at a small fee) as long as OP covers shipping. Then, once they know what is wrong with it, they can figure out how to proceed in a fair manner.

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