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Originally Posted by JYohay View Post
If that's true then how come 5 seconds after I told mike/M3LOL that I sold my amuse bumper, did HE/YOU call my buyer who posted his number in my thread and say mine was really all cracked and to buy "YOURS". YOU GUYS ARE BOTH SCUM BAGS. WHO CALLS SOMEONE'S BUYER AND LIES TO THEM LIKE THAT TO RUIN/STEAL THIER SALE. You both are scum and its a shame they let people like you n this forum who do this highscool bullshit.

I am sorry if M3LOL behaved in a immature manner. He is just trying to help me sell my bumper. But if I remember correctly, you have tried to steal a few sales from him in the same manner. When he was trying to sell his hood? You advertised to everyone that he was a scam (when you were selling the same product), even though he cleaned his hands of the mistake that was made. In fact, you are the one stuck in the Highschool mentality, please grow up, and once again stop making false accusations. I did not call anyone, I was PMed by your buyer, and when I responded he told me he bought your bumper. I told him to enjoy the new bumper (I did not talk badly of your product). Please do not post in my thread unless you are looking to buy this bumper. It is against the forum rules to Thread crap, please read the rules.

P.S. you should have let me get that sale. I bet you regret it now.