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Originally Posted by alexwhittemore View Post
Oh HELL yes, they look so good, like exactly what I want! The weekend can't come soon enough, so worth the $10.

I assume by consumer you mean pro? The $60 one has no warranty and the 'finest' has 2yr?

I think it still comes down to what the cost/performabce difference is. For that kind of result, it'd be worth $60 and a Saturday once every 6 months
CQuartz Finest as it is called can only be apply by an authorized installer/detailer. The formula used is stronger and flashes much quicker than CQuartz. It works best in the hands of a pro because of the prep work that has to be done prior to the coating. Once the coating has cured, you can only remove it with compounding so the paint has to be almost flawless prior which equates to many hours of machine paint corrections and polishing. The paint also has to be clean and bare to ensure proper bonding. For this process, most detailers would chemically clean the paint after the final polishing stage.

The purpose of the coating is to protect what's underneath. The gloss you see is from the paint corrections process (hours and hours of work).
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