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Let's face it, despite of the extensive use of all the electronic gadgetry the 911 is reaching its development limits in terms of the attainable potential max. power and torque for a street car without an even more radical use of electronic gadgetry. Thus, additionally to AWD the new 911 (991) Turbo will also have four-wheel-steering, or all-wheel-steering, with active rear-wheel-steering .

As for BMW, while they say they want to keep the RWD for their M models instead of the AWD approach of their rivals like the new powerful AMG-A45, we can't stop asking ourselves what car does BMW produces presently that can even remotely resembles the handling characteristics of a Cayman?! Toyota and Subaru just have remembered us how GREAT it can be done from a front-engined RWD configuration as long as you keep the weight sufficiently low and use extra care in its distribution across the car's chassis and body. That way you will not need to go the BIG power numbers route to get the necessary street performance which IS SLOWLY KILLING HANDLING, unless your car starts to be driven from computers!!!

Man, one has got to love the Toyobaru... let alone its price tag!!!

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