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Congrats on your new ride! My first track day will be at the end of March, so no I haven't had a chance to really push these brakes yet. I'm anticipating that these pads will fade near the end of the session. I'm considering making some proper brake ducts that feed to the hub as they should. Depends on if I have much time after doing the LSD and the coolers.

Ideally I'd do a track wheel and tire setup like you did, but I didn't want to budget that in with the other items I want to do taking a higher priority (for me).

Overall though I have no issues or gripes about these rotors. They do what they are supposed to, and I like having slots to clear the brake pad surface regularly. They pedal feel is still great, and you can tell them when there's a bit of heat put into them their friction levels go up maybe 35%. At low speeds and coming to a halt I have slightly more squeal than I did with my old ET800 pads (different car though), but not enough to bother me at all. I'm actually glad they are squealing a bit because it tells me that in daily driving, I'm nearing the abrasive friction mode, suggesting that these really are more aggressive than the average pad (if not a race pad).

I'll keep this thread updated with my thoughts on the brakes.