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Originally Posted by Bomber View Post
...Had a drive in a F30 with RFT's and the ride was surprisingly nice so not sure what BMW have done??
F30 is the first BMW I've driven where it is hard to detect if the car really has RFTs. And that includes running on poor roads, where RFT performance typically falls apart.

My 2006 build E91 330d was transformed when removing the RFTs, but still needed damper changes to get the best from the tyres and chassis. I was on standard suspension and that was under-damped on non run-flats.

I've posted a lot of comment on RFT performance on E9x cars, it is clear to me, the early cars were not in any way set up for the tyres in the UK. Working envelope was much too tight before negative RFT characteristics dominated the drive. But to be fair, BMW and the tyre companies have been beavering away to get it much better.

I'm now in an F11 5-series touring, fitted with RFTs. I am running 17" in winter and 18" summer tyres, both sets work well, even on poor surfaces. But to get the best out of the 5-series it does require the adaptive suspension. I've got Adaptive Drive on my car, and I'm positive that enhances the way the tyres work across a wider working envelope.

I won't be removing the RFTs this time, as I do feel the chassis is far better set up for the tyres, plus the tyres have improved as well.