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Originally Posted by marcvtec View Post
Interesting review

Since having my car new in 2006 I have tried various oils.
Total, Oem bmw! Mobile 1, and Liqui Moly.

Now while having a catch can over the years and also taking it out, with reviews of crankcase pressure.

Here is what came to light.

All of the oils went low, as in I would need to top up about 500ml between a 5000km oil change except the Moly.

This is now my second oil Change on the Moly and the oil gauge meter has not moved since done. Keep in mind I run my car at 19 psi also.

Catch can is long gone gone and Liqui Moly is now my choice, try it, I did not think this was even possible since I always topped up oil between oil changes.
Where to buy this oil?