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Avoid Vaughn Motorwerks in Zionsville, Indiana for poor service and damaging my ride

I took my car into Vaughn Motorwerks in Zionsville, Indiana (Northwest side of Indianapolis) for some maintenance and it started to snow shortly after they were finished. So I drove my car home and washed it in the garage. A few days later, I opened the garage door and saw a dent inside out on my hood. I called them up and they denied it and told me to bring my car in five days later so the owner could take a look at it. I was already upset and told them I could bring my car in that day but they said No since the owner was too busy! So I bring my car in five days later and they finally admit to the dent on my hood and took it in to a PDR shop while I waited. They came back and gave me a low end Kia rental so I could return to work.

This whole ordeal cost me a lot of frustration, aggravation and 1/2 a day of PTO for missed work. I had to take time out of my day to take my car into their shop (30 minutes each way), wait for them to access the damage, wait more to get a rental car, and drive the rental back to work. Then I had to go back again to pick up my car and finally return home. I asked them what they would do for me about the lost time they cost me and frustration. They said nothing because they paid for the Kia rental and what tiny bit of gas I used in it. I can't recommend this shop for damaging a customer's car and not be forthcoming about it to begin with. They clearly don't respect my time and was unwilling to do anything to make up for it. Avoid Vaughn Motorwerks for poor service!

I also Avoid Reggie's Motorworks and Euro Motorworks around Indianapolis for their poor service, lack of tools and inability to get the job done.

None of the above mentioned shops should be allowed to work on BMW.

Yet another reason why there are just crap shops around Indianapolis. It's so difficult to find quality work around here I usually have to make a trip up to Chicago to get anything done right.

BTW, I highly recommended VS but they are closed

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