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Exclamation !!~Imminent Purchase! 2010 M-Sports Package 335i Convertible~!!

Hello. My friend is on the verge of purchasing BMW. He could not post the thread, so I'm posting on behalf of him.
It seems bit long.. lol but please help him out. Thank you!

LINK to the CAR

Hello, I really need you guys to guide me to a purchase that I won’t regret!
My first car…a beautiful 2010 328i Alpine White got wrecked recently..
It was a great car but now I need to get another..I was shopping around to pick from a MB, Audi and a BMW but after getting into a 335i sedan…I couldn’t believe that I even considered a C350…even the thought of comparing the two didn’t do the 335i justice! After a long process, I found this awesome 2010 335i convertible!

Here are the specs:
*The dealer agreed to install heated seats (not OEM but with 1 year warranty) free of charge.
Exterior: Alpine White
Interior: Crème Beige Dakota
Rims: 18-inch M-Sport Alloys
Miles: 29K
Price: $35,000 (before tax of 1.7% which makes Out the Door $37,500)

Other factors:
1. Clean Carfax

2. 2 owners (second owner owned it for just 6 month and drove 3,000miles) is this something that I should worry about?

3. According to BMW’s service record:

a. At 23K miles: “Cylinder head cover cracked/ broken/ torn off” and “Fuel injector permanent damage.”

b. At 28K miles: “Fuel injector Fault code stored in diagnosis fault code memory (warning lamp on)”- NO IDEA what this means..
I’d say the exterior condition is between “Excellent to Very Good”. I can tell that it’s been taken car of. Engine runs smooth with no problem. Front tires are basically new and back tires have 7.5 left (based on the gage-dealer says it’s pretty good)

The dealer is a great guy (the best that I’ve met since I started searching for a new car) honest, upfront and just cool. But I’m just worried that although it might be a good deal, because the 4-series are coming out in the 3rd quarter of this year, this 2010 335i convertible model will take a pretty significant hit in resale value..If I get this car, I’m probably going to have to sell this car in like 3 years and the resale value is really getting me thinking.
So, to simplify my questions!

1. Based on the options (like M-Sport Package), is Out the Door price of $37,500 a good deal?

2. Is that still a good deal based on the fact that the 4 series is coming out later this year? (I fear for a drop in resale value)

3. Handle is a little loose/light for a BMW. I like the tight, secure feel of the BMW steering wheel but are all BMW convertible handles a bit loose?

4. When I brake from high speeds (80mph), the handle shakes.

5. When I go over bumps with the roof on, a little rattling noise from the
back area…is it normal?

6. The dealer mentioned that I should get “Easy Care” warranty after my factory warranty expires and not get the maintenance warranty. Is that a solid warranty to get?

I know it’s been a long post, but thank you so much for bearing with me!
Any and all comments would be very much appreciated!