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Originally Posted by Killerfish2012 View Post
Therein lies the problem. Folks in the US like to go to different tracks, which have widely varying configurations. We can't simply just decide on what %lock is ideal for the 335I. Maybe OS giken has determined that 40% lock up is fine for most cornering situations (which they don't, cuz they rely on you the customer to decide the percentage when you order it). Further complicating this issue is the fact that people like to change their suspension set up in the rear. M3 subframe bushings, stiffer/adjustable non oem rear track struts, staggered wheel and tire setups etc. Because of these two reasons, varying cornering steepness, and modifications to the suspension, I find it extremely hard to believe in a one size fits all lock up %.
Your posts continue to show you really donít understand the subject, so why are you posting?

You donít need to set the diff up for different tracks, you just need to fit the diff as it comes, which has been setup for that model in mind, then tweak once fitted if youíre not happy. It is setup for the car, not for a certain track.

If youíre going to change many other aspects of the car for maximum performance, then youíll make the effort and setup the diff aswell, or find someone that can. (like Mike @VAC)

This discussion is which one is best, or what benefits one has over the other for the cost, not about practicality, and not once has the OP mentioned it.

Originally Posted by Killerfish2012 View Post
You've just shot yourself in the foot there mate, by loosing the argument on practicality. Most folks on here are among those 99.9%, and don't know how to start taking apart their LSD, trying to find the "sweet spot" come track day. Wavetrac wins here hands down.
Iím not arguing, Iím posting facts from 20+ years of hands on experience.

Iíve never once mentioned practicality, please show where I have??

I haven't said the Wavetrac is less practical, you seem to be trying to argue a point that hasn't been written, very strange.

Actually, I wrote ĎOS Giken for hardcore street/track (best traction/adjustablility)í

The OP asked why the OS are better, Iíve answered with facts. If you want best performance, youíll find someone like me who understands exactly how they work and how to set them up, and get them to set it up for you.

Originally Posted by Killerfish2012 View Post
OS Giken for the extremely mechanically inclined enthusiasts who enjoy taking their cars apart, come track day.

As Mike@VAC wrote - ĎWe suggest 99.99% of the time that you run it as delivered. Street, circuit, hill climb, drift all use the Super Locks with ultimate success.

I also strongly suggest the Super Lock - TCD is generally not necessary (unless you want the best of the best). You cannot hear a super lock - we have one in our shop 135i and its no different (sounding) than the Quaife or Wavetrac that we had in it beforeí

Originally Posted by Killerfish2012 View Post
Another membership criteria, for this same crowd is that they should never take their car off road, even by accident, cuz if one rear tire is lifted off the ground, their LSD won't be able to get their car moving again.
So you think a plated LSD wonít work with one wheel off the ground? We seem to be going round in circles here.