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Apple screwed me, advice?

My iPhone 5 has battery issues since the day I bought it. It turns off at say, 53% as if it is dead. As soon as I put on a charger it comes back to life and is at 53%. It sometimes charges 1% over hours, or the phone will stay at say, 25% for 4 hours even though I'm watching a movie.

I went to apple and they could not replicate the issue and said if it happens again to come back.

It happened yesterday so I went back to apple. This was their response, "there seems to be a slight bend in your phone, this can happen from simply being in your pocket. This voids your warranty and there's nothing we can do except out of warranty replacement"

I explained I have never sat on my phone, not dropped it, and it's never left its case. There was even notes on my account that I was there for this issue the day after I bought the phone.

I spoke to the manager who was a female that just didn't know anything, or stood by the techs decision. I basically yanked my phone out of his hands and left.

What do I do now? I put my phone on a flat surface and don't even see this "bend". And even if there is... My warranty is void for carrying my phone in my POCKET??

Any suggestions? Phone is 4 months old.