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Originally Posted by nmehta211
Do you have apple care? Keep pressing if you do. I would go to Another apple store if you can.

After a malfunction in my MacBook, the upper west side store in manhattan tried to fix it three times but failed. I then went to the fifth avenue store and they simply replaced it with the equivalent updated MacBook Pro in five minutes.

If you don't have that option and bought it on Amex you have a one year extended warranty and can call them.
No I do not have apple care but I have the 1 year warranty that comes with the phone. Obv that doesn't cover if I damage the phone myself, but to tell me my phone had a bend in it after carrying it in my pockets for 4-5 months is NOT my fault. It there is indeed a bend, sounds like a defect in the production.

But they have notes on my account of me coming in the day after I got the phone complaining about the battery issues. So the issue was there prior to me even having the chance to damage the phone