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Originally Posted by Techevo View Post
I get it, you talk rubbish about plated LSD's, which you most obviously know nothing about, apart from what you've seen in video and read on Google, so you try to steer this thread to your own agenda with ridiculous made up 'arguments' in your own head, to make you feel better about the purchase of a wavetrac.

We're not interested. The OP has privately PM'd me and told me he's going for the OS Giken, my work is done here.

Oh, and lastly, here is one of my sprint cars that I built from the ground up including making my own billet rear differential. Read it and you might learn something.
Hey good sales job man. The difference between you and me is that I own and track a 335I, not an evo. I ask for videos to back up your sales claims, and you give me a link to an evo site, with pictures of an engine build. So you're a mechanic? big deal, we're all dating supermodels here mate, its the internet for godsake.

I tracked my 335I for years, with an open diff, and was able to compensate for this disadvantage (read: traction control off, or partially disabled!). I modified my vehicle power out put levels to be about the same, as a stock E90M3, and I was 5-7 seconds faster than those vehicles at the track.

When it came time to fit a diff, I did my research, and went with the clear choice. OS giken, or drexler (Australia), are not very popular on here. Besides the LARGE price difference, there are several other issues with these types of diffs that made this a wavetrac or quaife forum.
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