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If you really like straight line performance, the BRZ/FRS is not for you. All of the driving I have done, cars or sport bikes, I have always enjoyed turns. I have to admit I do miss the low end torque at 1500 rpm that the 135 has. There is a lot of aftermarket work with FI on the BRZ, but I think one of the dilemmas is getting the power to ground effectivley. And, I think this spoils the real fun of the car...going around turns.

After owning the BRZ for about 3 months now, I dont miss the power near as much as a I did in the beginning. After years of owning fun cars, I finally decided to take the BRZ to an AutoX. I really got to push this car to my limits, the car has much more than I am willing to give. At least, right now. It is too bad I had not done this before, I would really like to know how the 135 would have been around the cones. And, would be able to provide a comparison from this perspective. The street driving perspective, The BRZ handles bettter, or more pure, than the 135. But from my newly obtained autocross experience, I never really pushed the 135 either.

I think the BRZ/FRS has to be the best bang for your buck car in a long time.
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