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Originally Posted by kaypops View Post
My car (2009 328i E90) has stock hifi speakers and came with the bmw professional radio head unit. I want to make the sound system sound better. I plan to add the JL XD600/6 6 channel amp, use Audiocontrol center 6 Ch line converter to link the OEM amp to the new Amp. I will be using a 4G amp kit and RCA. Do I need your harness ?
I do not want to replace the factory Amp but instead improve it using the JL aftermarket Amp basically not messing with the fibre optic system already in the car. Please does this makes sense? Am i on the right track here? I am in Canada and it is hard to get any help here.
If you have hifi, you do not have a fiber (MOST) connection to the amp. If you have hifi, you can pull out the OEM amp, use a technic harness and drop in the 600/6 and it will be completely reversible. please confirm whether you have hifi (no center speaker) or top hifi/logic 7 (with center speaker).