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Originally Posted by ~XxPornxX~ View Post
heres the stretch ratio of the tire sizing you wanted. any ratio between 5.8-7ish will give you a nice 45 degree angle stretch for clearance. this formula works well for 18-19 diameter wheels. Basically if you look at your current 265.30 vs 245.35 and already knowing how your stretch looks with 265.30 on 10.5. now look at the ratio for the 245.35 ...its goona run taller with less stretch angle. personally i would prefer the 255.30 and go from there. but this would also depends on the stretch on the front for a matching look.

You can get some stiffer bumpstops or run a stiffer rate spring if tires alone didnt fix your rubbing issue.

245x.3 = 73.5/10.5= 7 ratio
255x.3 = 76.5/10.5= 7.2 ratio

265x.3 = 79.5/10.5 = 7.5 ratio
245x.35 = 85.75/10.5= 8.1 ratio
This is how it looks right now:

IMG_1358 by baldadar, on Flickr

IMG_1357 by baldadar, on Flickr

IMG_1355 by baldadar, on Flickr

IMG_1354 by baldadar, on Flickr

IMG_1353 by baldadar, on Flickr

IMG_1352 by baldadar, on Flickr

IMG_1351 by baldadar, on Flickr

IMG_1348 by baldadar, on Flickr

Basically front is perfectly fine with 215/35's. But rear with the 265/30's is where I rub. I really wanted to get used 245/35's and if I try to go 255/30 then there's almost no way to get used tires since basically only Yohokama makes em in that size.

I tried setting my KW V2's to full stiff and didn't do to much. I don't really want to go any stiffer since the ride is already pretty harsh at full stiff on KW V2's and 19" wheels.