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I see the rub marks in the center of the wall and the distorted roll on the panel. yes the yoko is seemingly the only tire avail in that size. I would get a 255.30, max out the camber and jam 3 fk bumpstops in there. this will eliminate about 90% of your rubbing issue at that height. It looks like its on natural camber right now in the rears, bring it to -2.5-3. If you opt for 245.35 your rub would be worse as it will rub on the top edge of the side wall as your wheel will appear smaller and ride height will be higher. (speedo will be more off).

Hit up supreme powers for fk bumpstops with your 265.30. it a cheap solution 30 bucks if its all you need. camber and tires change if that dont work.

Adjusting the dampening on the rears will do nothing as a solution to the rubbing. The spring compression travel is the enemy, its all part of the aggressive look. its an art to minimize the rub. but everyone wants the best of both worlds with comfort/handling vs looks.

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