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OP, I thought you might be interested in this:

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Hope this helps someone out there!

So let's get started .......

The only engine/performance modifications I have installed are as follows:

Borla cat-back exhaust
aFe cold air intake
Dinan Stage II software

Fuel used: Shell V-Power 93 octane

Conditions were NOT ideal .....

97 degrees fahrenheit w/ 30% humidity
Used 2 fans blowing @ at 45 mph
Hood closed for ALL runs .........

In all we ran 3 sets of pulls due to changing the intakes from oem to aFe.
I started with the aFe cai installed first. Since this intake had been installed I have put about 150 miles on the odometer. Well adapted.

The best run w/ the aFe setup?

322.03 rwhp, 344.46 rwtq.

Keeping the hood closed along with the heat situation did not help the numbers. With the hood left open and the temperature 20+ degrees cooler I would expect much better results .....

Oil temp stayed at about the 230 range with 5 minutes between pulls for cool down.

Now the oem pulls .......

After the switch of cai's; the car was driven for approximately 30 minutes to allow for the car to adapt. We then ran one more set of 3 pulls for adapting purposes. Not real sure we got there. For the remainder of these pulls the car temp stayed at the 240 mark.

Best run was 313.40 rwhp / 327.15 rwtq

Besides the heat today I really believe the fans were inadequate with regard to available supply or "wind" needed for cooling. The hood staying closed was a huge contributor as well.

Below I've attached one graph showing the OEM pulls and one graph showing the aFe pull. If you look at the "curve" you will notice that it's about the same rpm range aFe advertises as having the most significant gains. It looks to be about a 15 rwhp difference .....??

OEM pulls .......

aFe pulls .... this is the best result achieved .....

This video shows the difference between the initial oem run and the latter aFe .. not to mention the tt's whistling!

Another pull w/ the aFe ........ second pull dropped 5 hp!! She was sweating

Once the weather starts to cool off I will be attempting some better numbers. However the numbers might reflect performance gains (or lack there of) doesn't take away from my new found enjoyment in driving my 335i once again. It may not show on paper how I would like it to but it definitely has made my ride more enjoyable.

** DISCLAIMER ** I have never had a vehicle (dyno'd) let alone posted anything this lengthy on a forum ......... be kind please