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Originally Posted by E90Company View Post
AFE's DCI dousn't lose power. Intake dyno results should be taken with a grain of salt, because there are way to many outside variables to change the result. What should be looked at is your WGDC value as well as IAT's to an extent (which even then isn't very reliable, because it depends on how heat soaked your FMIC is)

To answer your question, any of the three will do their job. Dry filters will have less flow, but filter more dirt compared to the oiled ones. The sealed intakes will receive cooler air, which in turn will make the turbo's work less than an open element intake which sucks in hotter air. The DCI's flow ability somewhat balances this out however, because it can flow more air (no ducting which brings in restrictions). This means the sealed will bring in cooler (denser) air but less of it at higher RPM's, while the DCI will give you more, less dense air. I would say pick based on if you like intake sound or not, and price
i just want whatever is safest for my engine. Also are the scoops actually worth it?