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I have complete records on the car as it was a local owner who traded in to the dealer I got it front and carfax showed it was serviced at the local BMW Dealership all of its life.

I took it to an indie euro shop about 40 minutes north of me before I bought it and had it thoroughly checked. BMW Diags, checked all fluids, and mechanical check. These guys do great work and were highly recommended by several local folks I know. They gave me a big thumbs up on the car and said I'd be crazy not to get it because it's as good as used ones get.

I was thinking about doing Oil and Plugs just to do them. I got a message back from the dealer I bought it at after asking if they had done it, they stated they did a change with Castrol 5w30 Synthetic. I'm sure it's just a basic synthetic though and doesn't measure up to the LL01 stuff it should have.

I bought Mann cabin air and Oil filters last night on amazon so I'll have them shortly. Need to find a good source for the Mobile 1 0w40. Local dealer sells the BMW 5w30 oil for too much $$

Thanks for the advice, any other thoughts are thoroughly appreciated.