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Originally Posted by A_P View Post
Lol. The carbon black and purple m3 and the black m5 are members on cutters.

Tell me what's your opinion on rat cars?. I get the whole rusted out look but I'm not sure I like it really.
Yeah I noticed the carbon black on cutters site. My username is E46BEEMA on there Black M5 is Bruno's off cutters! What a BEAST of a Car!

I also understand the rusted look some bloke has Astro Turf for a roof!

Originally Posted by A_P View Post
P.s your 35d looks decked. Looks nice.
Cheers bud, It's decked but not as much as last year, that thing was SCRAPIN' the floor only E92 at Gaydon which was decked out so was chuffed with myself I preferred my stance last year, nose down! Had to raise it this year and due to the cold and no garage, didnt' get much a chance to tinker with the coilovers before the meet!

This year, it's gonna' be all about 'Stancewerks' for me.. keep tuned though, I'm almost at the finish line and hopefully it'll be special...

Where were you yesterday pal?
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