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Dear god, I'm shocked your wondering why your getting a quote with a 3000 excess...

Swallow your pride and buy a shitter that you can...

1. Afford to insure and pay the excess because you probably will claim or run into trouble, your between 18&25, national stats, simple.

2. Afford to run.

3. Afford to maintain in a safe and legal state.

4. Afford to tax.

5. Afford to make a few mistakes in and learn.

I've been through track spec Honda's, a Caterham Superlight, Evo's and BMW's, all high power but I started with a 100bhp new TDI Focus.

I'm now 29, I hold a Class 1 Police Advsnced Driving certificate and an active member of IAM's too.

I drive well over 100k per year with work and personal mileage and I'm still learning too.

You are asking yourself to do a lot straight away by jumping in at the deep end and somewhere along the line something will give.

When your inexperienced as you are (it's not just about car control, look at the police system) you will probably drive too fast in some situations, you have 300 bhp on tap and that excess speed will have a dramatic effect on how you can effectively, safely and quickly draw up a plan on what your going to do when the shit hits the fan.

An experienced driver can drive s little quicker as he has seen the clues on the ground (information links) like horse poo, hedge cuttings or the fact that bins are out and will be thinking what if......

You, well, dig deep into your pockets.

Your driving a killing machine by driving a 1L car, you want 3L and 300 bhp as your first car, come on, get real mate!

What's more important, your life, the lives of others or looking good?

No brainer, if you have one.

Sorry for the flaming but coming online and stating that your annoyed with a high quote for a 300bhp first car is just ridiculous, what did you expect?????????