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Originally Posted by zltm089 View Post
So many fucked up drivers on the roads these days...but age got nothing to do with being a good driver or not.

My auntie is about 50 and been "driving" for years, still takes ages to park the car and can't drive for sh1t!!!...seen lots of other people who claim to have been driving for years but can't drive for sh1t!!!...

Having said that, I've also seen many young fast n furious plonkers in their Corsa thinking that because they got a massive exhaust this makes them Ken Block and drive dangerously...

All type of fucked up drivers out there, some of them with their mirrors not even properly adjusted!!!...and once they get to roundabouts, they got no idea which lane to take and which lane they're in!!!...bunch of useless fcuktards!...

sorry about the rant OP!