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Originally Posted by shiv@vishnu View Post
Engine oil starvation is a possibility. Although that would be far less likely on street tires.
Thanks for clarifying the methanol FSB question; I had forgotten about the differences between how the JB4 and PROcede control the progressive spray until reading your post, but since you refreshed my memory I was aware of this back when I made the decision to purchase my meth kit. I'd already owned the JB4 for a while and was very pleased with it, which helped influence my decision.

As for the oil starvation question, a week prior to the track I'd just installed the ER dual oil coolers. Installation was performed by ER and they added almost 2 extra quarts of Royal Purple 5W30 as part of the install. Regarding tires, I was using Michelin Pilot Super Sports at the time, but failure occurred at the end of a straight-a-way so I doubt that was the issue either.
Originally Posted by Autobahn335i View Post
Aw man sorry to hear about your bad luck! Especially with all the effort you put in the car to get it prepared and set up for the track.

I hope the shop can figure out what went wrong. I'm not a fan of running meth at the track. As a beginner (no offense!) the car with just a tune has plenty of power. More can actually hinder the learning process rather than help it. And meth just adds more variables and possible points of failure especially during prolonged track sessions. I would steer away from it and rather opt for upgraded turbos if you're looking for more and reliable power.

Good luck with the fix!
No offense taken - I am definitely a beginner at the track. The only reason I was running map 3 at all was for the cooling benefits that meth provides. After reading all of the posts thus far, it's starting to sound like meth may be a less likely culprit, but who know.

Originally Posted by joec500 View Post
Couldn't you run E85 instead of Meth? Should get you similar horsepower gains.
Sure, but like race gas (MS109), octane boosters, or 100 octane pump fuel, E85 only provides extra octane, which equates to increased engine temps - something the N54 struggles with in general, and especially at the track. Meth on the other hand provides octane and cooling benefits. I thought I was being conservative by running (a) no octane booster, (b) a low max boost, 14.5 psi, (c) JB4 setting of boost additive = 0, and (d) map 3 for minimal meth flow.

Originally Posted by Ferruccio View Post
I can see such a thing happening when the throttle is lifted at high RPM. In many cases, at high engine RPM, the largest force on the connecting rod (and, effectively, torque for the car) is the changing of momentum of the piston itself. The loads on a connecting rod can actually be less when throttle is applied.

More information here:
Makes sense and thanks for the link.
While I agree that this could have played a part in pushing the engine over the edge, there are a couple of reasons why I don't think it was the sole source of the failure:
a) I wasn't too close to redline - probably 4500-5500 rpm.
b) It doesn't explain the surging sensation under WOT.
c) BMW's calculation for the redline limit should already account for this scenario. Can you imagine if engine failure occurred every time somebody accelerated to redline and then lifted?

Again, I think your point is valid and if anything, this is a good reminder of why adhering the redline limit is so important.

Originally Posted by jazze90 View Post
... Like Shiv said it is extremely important to have the best methanol system in place to safeguard yourself and your car as much as possible from issues like this. I went with the Aquamist HFS-4 and their state of the art injection and failsafe setup for those reasons. Hopefully you will be able to track down the root cause eventually and be able to avoid the same issue again.
Thanks, I plan on learning more about the Aquamist setup. Thankfully, my mechanic is very experienced with BMWs and equally interested in figuring out what went wrong. I plan on pictures and keeping everyone informed of what we learn.

Originally Posted by e92tt1986 View Post
how do you prevent injectors from "locking up"
How often should should they be replaced so this doesn't happen?
+1 as this sounds like a plausible explanation.

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