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Last year was nearly forty. A driver ran into back of me (slick road, driver opens car door and steps out in front of me, I stop, other guy doesn't). My admiral renewal quote went up from 850 to 1200 even though Insurance was fully paid off by other guys insurance as was a no fault accident. That must mean the undiscounted cost doubled. Your 1800 quote will seem cheap if it happened in your first year or two.
I have a fully protected ncd with twenty clean driving years. Just saying you need to think about what you might get stuck with if something not in your control goes wrong.

That said. Admiral is a good company, they accept some modifications provided they fit their off-the-peg pricing model, and 1800 is good price in my opinion for first drives. I remember being quoted that for a Suzuki swift 1.3 gti I had convinced myself I could afford for my first car twenty years ago when I saw one on sale for 1200. Ended up getting a first Uno. Definitely don't get that. Lol

P.s. the insurance company approach is that basic premium is affected by accidents regardless of fault. the only way to avoid this would be to not tell your insurer if the fault were either direction, but then aside from the dubious nature of this approach, all it takes is the other person to either change their minds and tell their insurer, or for things to become less amiable and the off record relationship to break down and you haven't a leg to stand on.

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