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You might do everything correctly, good on you, you might be a good driver (the tutor and examiner may have probably told you) but one thing you are not good at is picking up on things the way more experienced drivers do.

You cannot teach expperience, you can't just have it over night.

Just swallow your pride buddy, it's not against you, just try and see sense.

Yes, you'll always have peer pressure and the desire to get something else but what's more enjoyable?

Having a car you can use or having a car that you think you can use when in actual fact your probably showing others around you that you can't.

Fast cars make bad drivers look good (to a certain point) and I take my hat off to people at the Nürburgring in shitty cars that have made my 62 laps of that place seem as if I didn't know what I was doing at all.

Good luck, drive safe and keep us all safe.