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Ok, for S&G's I put one of my airsoft BB's in that line to see if there was a difference between the methods. All I did was start it up(its about 75° so its not too cold and I had just driven about 5 miles so it wasnt technically a cold start) and I think it sounded a bit deeper than with just pulling the plug.

I havent driven it yet, just started it, so Ill report back my findings later on.

UPDATE: Ok, so after two days of driving around I can categorically say that the mod is louder when you plug the line as opposed to just disconnecting it in the trunk. That being said, the drone at 2-2300rpm is there and can be annoying at times. Revving at stop lights is more fun but under hard acceleration cant really tell much of a difference. Havent really seen any change in mpg either.
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