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GOT IT!....the donor car is finally here!....Now the fun can begin...

I ended up getting the whole shell..front suspension and all..4 tires and wheels...

The car is fairly solid with some minor rust under the tailgate...The rear diff is still in place...which may come out if that does not mess with the integrity of the structure....(advice there is appreciated)....

Sorry for the bad picture...Ill take some clear ones this week and post em up....

First thing will be to back it into the garage...a challenge because I have to kick the wife's car out....I could be sleeping in it if Im not careful!

the Ill start taking measurements and stripping the rest of the car out...

Ill be trying to recoup some costs so if you guys know of other bimmerphiles that need some 1992 E36 325i parts let me know...(in a pm or email, please)