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Bye Halogens | Hello Projectors

Awhile back i made a thread trying to get advice on why my low beams would not turn on. I ran into two problems. First, the pins on the headlights were not sticking out far enough to contact the plug even though all the other lights were working. Second, the wires connecting from the ballast to the d2s bulb was bad. One side would come on but the other wouldnt. I thought i had a bad bulb, ballast...etc. Finally, after countless hours and patience I now have AEs and projectors.

I ordered some depo projectors off ebay. You can see what they looked like when i got them in the thread above. I replaced the halogen projectors that came originally with OEM Mercedes e55 projectors with 5000k D2S bulbs. I replaced the CCFLs with LEDs from Superbrightleds.

Also dont mind the messed up bumper, missing kidney grilles, or dirty car. A truck with a hitch backed into me a few weeks back. But in the near future i will be upgrading to the m3 rep bumper.

So please let me know what you think.

Lowbeams are off but the camera made the lens green

Thanks for looking!