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Blacked Out P90 V2 Follow Up Review

So I finally converted from halogens to these back in December. My camera decided to not cooperate with me that day so I never got decent close ups of the lights. I was bored tonight and redid it properly and thought I'd give you guys my thoughts after about 3 months of use.

The lights are bright, like holy crap I can see your AE in bright daylight from over a block away. Day or night these things are awesome, since I never did a LCI front end conversion I never got the cool LED turn signals. With these though they changed it to the LCI style turn signal but in a pre lci light, pretty convenient for those that don't have the $$$ for the whole conversion. Condensation... the biggest problem with aftermarket headlights or if you black them out ourself. It's been raining a lot more than usual out here in Cali in the past few months but they have been holding up great actually. No condensation like my OEM ones lol. Light output is very consistent unlike the old halogens, clear and bright very close to OEM projectors but not quite. HIDs match AE very well although at night I do get flashed by old people because they think that the AE are the low beams and my actual low beam is my high beam, so I flash them right back just to show them Overall I'm very pleased and all is well.

Here's the original link and review:

Old Iphone pic in daytime:


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