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I don't know about that!!

It just needs constant work doing all the time.

Plus we only use 6 rooms, all the others need heating, cleaning, decorating etc. etc.

Thinking about converting the left hand section into a separate 2 bed flat now my daughter has go to uni, as we simply never use those rooms, there are 5 rooms down there, plus some attic space, so thinking of knocking two through to make a 35'x18' kitchen/living room with some nice folding doors so they can be separated and then converting the loft into a nice big master bedroom. Would have a second bedroom that could be an office, and then a bathroom at the end.
No garden though, but not really an issue with a flat I suppose?
I reckon if done nicely I could nearly pay my mortgage off, less the cost of the build.
I have got to the age where I am now thinking "Shit, should have been a bit wiser with my money over the years!'

Plus less the heat and maintain.