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Originally Posted by MEGA View Post
I love how the shadow party is attemting to create a self fulfilling prophecy. It's the reason the country is in this f*cking mess in the first place. And it seems the OP is falling for it.

So. Labour. What's their master plan?

In response to a government attempting to recover a near bankerrupt administration that they themselves are responsible for: Destablise the recovering economy through scaremongering, inherit the shit that's left behind when the affected voters are hurt as a result of their current strategy. Once in power spend 4 years giving non existent money to those who can't be bothered to work - lose again; Stay quiet for 6 months And then back to plan A - blame the people trying to put it right.
It's a toxic strategy and the kind of transparent politics even the far right wouldn't try. But yet it will work - because their target demographic is basically all stupid and can't remember what happened last week.

And the result of this is a divided country of equal part bitter squeezed middle classes and self important demanding scrounger, with the rich poor divide getting ever greater and the chance of the UK being the world power it should getting ever slimmer.

Heh / Sigh.
Rinse and repeat. I'm too young to remember (through disinterest) anything to do with politics pre Blair but my dad tells me it's been this cycle for as long as he remembers.

The UK may have lost it's AAA rating but with only 2 countries (Canada & Germany) still having that rating it's probably not going to make a MASSIVE difference. Especially since Germanys currency is fucked by all the dead weight (Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal) it's carrying anyway.

The whole world is in the same sinking, piece of shit canoe.
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