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Originally Posted by gIzzE View Post
When you think you can be in a new E220cdi with the 7g tronic plus auto 'box, bluetooth, xenons, comand online, media and leather for 30,000 after 8% discount, it make the 3 series look so over priced it is unreal.

This car will do 44 round town and 55 on a run no problem.

You can hire the above for 299 a month plus vat.

But if you bought it for 30k it would still be worth 18-20k in 3 years.
Gizze, as you've posted the above; that, plus you appear to know your Mercs, I'd appeciate it if you could cast your eye over this car and tell me if it has anything more than the basic spec?

The other issue is that it's not a main dealer car, though it does have a Merc warranty for a couple more years.

Sorry for going off topic guys.
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