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So I installed this hid kit today

Lights worked well (no flickerin) but I got error message "Front foglight failure" immediately.
And for the colour match... DO NOT BUY 4300k hid fogs if you have lux lci halogen angel eyes because they donīt match at all. angel eyes were crisp white and those 4300k hids yellowish. I had gp thunder 7500k h11 halogen bulbs earlier and they are much whiter.
So I put my gp thunder 7500ks back and now I am going to send a message to a seller because he guaranteed that this kit works 100%... There isnīt any kit which will work 100% so that was ridiculous statement.

What should I do now?
Where I can get better hid kit?(EU or US). and what is the brightest white colour? 5000k? I have heard that 6000k is too blue.

I would appreciate your help