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I don't really mention any specific tradition, but in the Christian tradition, which is much more rooted in our history than others, marriage has always been between a man and a woman and has for centuries been considered sacred.

Originally Posted by PINeely View Post
Would you support a civil union granting the gay couple all of the same benefits as a marriage, provided that the term "marriage" was reserved only for heterosexual couples?
Yes, but as I see it the issue isn't about gays getting equal rights from the government, since most aren't happy with civil unions. They all want to be "married" and that is a direct insult to all normal people who are in a traditional marriage. It would be as if I walk-around all day in black-face saying and doing stereo-typical things all because "I also have the right to be black... you know... it doesn't do any harm to anyone...I'm not about to go run some folks over"
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