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Originally Posted by phozenstone View Post
yeh i'm having a hard time finding people who have posted dyno's after the tune. Really the only one i saw was AA's dyno which shows similar gains (minimal) but somehow they boast 15-20HP gains. I guess they mean 15-20 for 325i owners who have done the 3-stage intake manifold swap.
yeah, if you have a 325i, the gains are huge, and totally worth it. Here's my dyno of the 325i before and after the tune+manifold. Also, the gains are over a stock engine+PBX which gave me about 8-9 ft lbs of torque and hp in the midrange.

Also, I waited more than a month to get the car dyno'd. It took the car weeks to really learn the tune. IMO, just one or two tanks of gas really isn't enough. And it seems to learn faster if you do long pulls in each gear, I don't think just cruising doesn't really do much for it.

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