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New car ordered . . . .

No, not another BMW.
No, not for me!

After months of pestering, my Good Lady has test driven a few likely cars to replace her 1.4 Ibiza Sport.

Not really the car I should have bought - the heart ruling the head unfortunately. Plus, finding a car with what she wants/needs isn't that easy, bearing in mind our budget.

She is VERY fussy about seats in a car, and MUST have heated seats (disc problems/old age etc.). She wants more power than her 85bhp Ibiza, but mostly does short runs. Again, due to past car buying (I got a tremendous deal on a Renault a few years ago from the Company I worked for. She spec'd it up big time) she doesn't want to lose all the toys.

So, a red Fabia vRS, with black wheels & roof has been ordered.
More than twice the power of the Ibiza, automatic too. Be a bit of a culture shock! And who know's what she will get after it!!

To cap all of today's spending, the Admiral Insurance difference between arthritic Ibiza and storming Fabia. . . . 32 for the year. Where's the logic???