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Suspension noise over rolling bumps

Over the last few weeks I've noticed a metallic "kachunk" noise when driving over low-frequency bumps. These bumps have been a combination of rolls in poorly maintained roads, entries into driveways and ice ruts. It's happened at speeds between 10 and 40 mph, and as I'm rolling over a bump, the suspension makes a creaky, metalic thump sort of noise - almost like it's fully unloading the springs on the backside of the bump. It's not a knocking noise as far as I can tell.

In the last several months, prior to hearing this, I had hit several ice-ridges on local freeways at 65-70 mph that were severe enough to bottom out the suspension and induce profuse swearing. Not sure if there's a direct connection, although those impacts probably can't be good for the car.

Anyone else have this? Should I be concerned? Car has 51k on it. Thanks.