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Originally Posted by 07tundra View Post
I use to remove bolts like that all the time in the Air Force off of million dollar aircraft. You need to drill the middle of it with a number 30 or 40 drill bit but have to be dead center! Then you get and easy out and clamp a vise grip to it place the easy out on top of the screw and tap it in with a hammer nothing crazy but you tap after a couple of tap you start turning the vise grip and you continue to tap it should come out. Titanium bolt use to break off near the exhaust of a F-15 thet would get brittle from the heat and we would remove them like the steps mentioned above. The key is when you drill the center of the shank you have to be dead center! It looks like you will have to remove more stuff to do this to clear up some space ...good luck
^This, if you haven't pulled a burr into the threads, in which case you're going to have to get midieval on it.

I was down intrigued by McGuiver's sparkler answer--you had me going for a second.