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Originally Posted by cn555ic View Post
That is going to need to be drilled out and retap..There is no way around this man. The mess up part of all this is that you will have to take out the surrounding injectors to get some room in there to work on it...
Originally Posted by MountainStone View Post
That sucks. Sounds like you have a solution that is acceptable to you, so I wish you godspeed.

For your future action, or for those learning in this thread, backing out snapped bolts can be done as related above by drilling a small pilot hole in the bolt and using an easy-out bolt extractor. As stated by the former AF maintainer, the key is to drill the center of the bolt. This should be done by first using a center-punch to dimple the center of the bolt. This will locate the drill bit, else the drill bit will 'walk' on you. Use WD-40 or other spray lube to spray the drill bit every few seconds when drilling the bolt; this cools the bit and bolt material and the lubrication greatly eases the cutting. It's easier to do than it sounds.

Anti-sieze is usually a good idea with two dissimilar metals but I dunno what BMW's policy is on anti-sieze, and keep in mind it will change your torque values as torque specs do not account for the lubricity of anti-sieze.
All very good advice.
I'd say that works in 85% of all cases. Sometimes the threads are just too damaged and you have to oversive the hole and use a helicoil... But that's absolute worse case scenario.

OP, It sounds like whatever shop/mechanic you're using will have the experience to get you moving again.
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