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Originally Posted by e90post_user View Post
How about the repair bill if any?
None, 2 BMWs were CPO (M3 2-years of warranty, 335 3-years of warranty), 1 Audi was still under factory warranty (2-years), current Honda had 1-year 3rd party warranty that I used once. Havent even paid for tires or brakes on any of my cars yet. 335i and Audi both had free maintenance as well actually I did buy 4 tires for Honda for $200 bucks (like-new Blizzak LM60s)

also have/had winter sets for all 4 cars, 3 sold for small profit, and using 1 now with Honda that i will probably lose few hundred bucks on.

if you count everything though maybe I am not up, but I sure didnt loose any money between those 4 cars and soon 5 years of driving. I dont count my personal maintenance that I do myself mostly and basic mods....just minor stuff, about $400 on 335i, none on M3, $600 on Audi, $150 on Honda

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